Dealing with a hassle to secure a Maryland surety bond is not the ideal bonding process. Jurisco works with clients across Maryland including Baltimore, Columbia and Silver Spring. No matter what type of surety bond clients need in Maryland Jurisco finds a way to deliver. Clients can trust the Maryland surety bond experts to handle each case flawlessly.

What Types of Surety Bonds are Used in Maryland?

Image of an old train in Mayrland riding through the countryside with a large building and townscape in the backgroundThere are four main types of surety bonds used in Maryland regularly. First are the court bonds which are split into defendant bonds and plaintiff bonds. Then there are license and permit bonds that mainly apply to businesses. Probate and fiduciary bonds are used in financial matters such as managing a trust.

Some of the most commonly used Maryland surety bonds include appeal bond, garnishment bond, appeal bond, auctioneer bond, and lien bond. Surety bonds are used both by the state and courts to protect consumers, ensure justice, and offer recourse for a wide range of negative situations.

What are the Benefits of Using a Maryland Surety Bond?

There are several benefits of using a surety bond in Maryland. First, there’s the comfort of knowing that all bond mandates have been satisfied. Then there’s the protection that the surety bond provides. A surety bond is a cost effective way of covering a large value without having to pay out a large amount.

Each type of bond serves a purpose. A defendant wanting to appeal a judgement can stay the judgement with an appeal bond so they can focus on the appeal at hand. A lien bond removes a lien so property isn’t locked down by a lien. A travel agent protects their business against claims of misuse with a seller of travel bond.

Can A Surety Bond Rate Be Lowered?

Surety bond rates are determined by the type of bond, length of coverage, and client information such as credit score. Jurisco always works with clients to deliver the lowest surety bond rate possible. When other bond companies can only offer an expensive rate, Jurisco has bond experts ready to find clients a better deal.

Are Online Surety Bond Applications Available?

Part of offering an easy surety bond process is making applications available when clients need them. It’s easy to find online Maryland surety bond applications on the Jurisco website. Have a question? Contact Jurisco to get answers and start the bond application. Everything a client needs from a Maryland surety bond will be handled with expertise at Jurisco.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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