The state seal of MassachusettsComplying with Massachusetts auctioneer license bond regulations is the only way to satisfy all state requirements to become an auctioneer or operate an auction house. This is a unique bond specific to auctioneers and cannot be replaced with another bond. Jurisco works with clients across Massachusetts including in Brockton, Worcester, Lowell, and Boston. When clients work with experts at Jurisco they are guaranteed to have everything they need for a Massachusetts auctioneer license bond.

Why Is A Massachusetts Auctioneer License Bond Required?

Massachusetts is one of several states that require an auctioneer bond as part of the license application to become an auctioneer or operate an auction house. Each Massachusetts auction license bond is written in compliance with Chapter 100 of the General Laws.

The state chooses to regulate this surety bond in an effort to protect against wrongful behavior on behalf of the auctioneers or auction house. This surety bond serves as a recourse and financial protection against misuse of funds and/or property.

How Much Does A Massachusetts Auctioneer License Bond Cost?

The standard value for an auctioneer license bond in Massachusetts is $10,000. Local mandates could enforce a higher or lower amount. Not sure what value bond is required? The surety bond experts at Jurisco know the answer.

A Massachusetts auctioneer bond is designed to be affordable. Only a small percentage of the bond is due in order to receive 100% protection. It is also more cost-effective than ignoring regulations and being faced with legal actions and fines from the state.

Can An Auctioneer License Bond Be Secured in One-Day?

Need an auction house license bond fast? The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco work quick to deliver the best Massachusetts auctioneer bond. Contact Jurisco to learn more about surety bond experts and how they’ll help meet every auctioneer license bond requirement.



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