A Massachusetts surety bond can be used in a variety of situations. Jurisco is a surety bond company providing surety bond solutions, no matter what the situation. Clients who work with Jurisco in Boston, Worcester, Lynn, Springfield, Lowell and beyond trust the bonding professional to deliver.

What are some examples of Massachusetts surety bonds?

There are several types of surety bonds but they all fall under four main umbrellas: license and permit, probate and fiduciary, plaintiff, and defendant. A few examples of these are appeal bonds, replevin bonds, seller of travel bonds, mortgage broker bonds, and administrator bonds.

Every Massachusetts surety bond comes with its own set of restrictions and guidelines. Following these restrictions and guidelines is imperative.

massachusettsAre there penalties for not using a surety bond?

Failing to secure the right bond can lead to fees, fines, and legal actions. Businesses who decide to ignore bonding requirements can find themselves out of business. A landlord who doesn’t use a surety bond can be sued by a tenant.

While the surety bond process may seem daunting, it is nothing compared to the cleanup of sanctions and penalties.

Is a Massachusetts surety bond expert available to answer questions?

Understanding the different Massachusetts surety bond requirements is easier with a little help. That’s why Massachusetts surety bond experts at Jurisco are available to answer any questions or address any concerns about bonds. They are easy to reach via phone, fax, or by email.

Clients deserve to feel confident about their surety bond experience. Jurisco helps clients feel confident by giving them access to information and advice.

How is a low surety bond rate determined?

A surety bond rate is based on the type of bond, overall value of the bond, any applicable court costs, and sometimes the credit score of the client. One of the big issues clients can come across is bad credit. A low credit score may prevent a client from receiving a low rate. However, the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco is so well versed in Massachusetts bonding mandates that they typically can deliver a low rate despite bad credit scores.

Part of Jurisco’s client service goals is to offer low surety bond rates. That’s why it always pays to trust Jurisco with Massachusetts surety bonds.

How many days does it take to secure a Massachusetts surety bond?

Jurisco works with every client to deliver same day surety bond service whenever possible. Time is of the essence when dealing with bonds. Whether it’s a business requirement or a court order, a surety bond needs to be secured as soon as possible.

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