What is a Mechanic's Lien/ Transfer of Lien Bond?

A Transfer of Lien Bond releases a lien from the property and replaces it with a bond to guarantee satisfaction if the court upholds the liens merit.

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Bond Amounts:

Defendants bonds require full collateral in the amount of the bond. We only accept Cashier’s Check or Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Exceptions can be made for large publicly traded corporations or Insurance companies.

Premium amount is 1% with collateral or 2% without collateral. Minimum of $250.


Where can I find an application?

Mechanic's Lien Bond Application

What does a Mechanic's Lien/Transfer of Lien bond cover?

A Transfer of Lien Bond can apply to many types of property including a mechanics lien on real property, automobiles or admiralty. The defendant’s bond amount varies by state but usually includes a provision for interest and court costs..

Q: What information do I need to apply for a Transfer of Lien Bond?

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