Minnesota Appeal Bond Questions

While we do not want you to deal with the stress of an appeal process, Jurisco is glad to be able to assist clients who need an appeal bond quickly. Going through the appeal process can be time intensive and headache-inducing. Working with a reputable Minnesota appeal bond company will keep you from reaching for the Tylenol. Today Jurisco goes over surety appeal bonds. Ready for us to help you? Then let’s get started.

What is an appeal bond?

An appeal bond, also referred to as supersedeas bond in Minnesota, is a surety bond meeting the appellant’s requirement to cover the responsibility of the judgment during the appeal process. The courts mandate bonding to prevent the plaintiff from a financial loss, as well as to deter the defendant from stalling the payment of the judgment.

Do all Minnesota courts require this surety bond?

Minnesota courts mandate the protection of both the defendant and plaintiff from an unlawful loss. Even with this mandate, however, other arrangements outside an appeal bond may be satisfy this mandate. In certain scenarios, the plaintiff and defendant can agree to the appeal process and waive the necessity of a surety bond. The court must approve this agreement to waive the surety bond mandate.

How much will an appeal bond cost in Minnesota?

Appeal bonds in Minnesota are typically equal to the court judgment; however, this could also be double the amount. The Minnesota court will set the final amount. A Jurisco surety bonding expert can help write an appeal bond at a low cost despite bad credit, judgment cost and financial assets.

Who can handle a Minnesota appeal bond?

Jurisco can handle an appeal bond for you today. Just contact the surety bond experts and we will get started right away.

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