Notary Surety Bond

A notary surety bond legally binds the notary to perform in an above the board manner. Any wrongful actions or mishandling of accounts, such as not securing the correct surety bond, can be cause for a state to take legal action against a notary.

Meet all notary requirements in your state with a surety bond.

Meet all notary requirements in your state with a surety bond.

A notary has the legal responsibility to abide by all local and state mandates. Practicing as a notary without a notary surety bond will lead to negative consequences.

Notary Surety Bond Protects The Public

When individuals or parties serve as a notary without proper certification and notary surety bond protection then they are operating outside of state requirements.

States and local municipalities use a  surety bond to protect consumers and the state against fraudulent behavior. Should this bond not be acceptable by the courts then the notary individual could face heavy fines and a prison sentence.

The point of obtaining a surety bond as a notary is to show the state in which you are operating that any wrongdoing or mishandling of funds can be protected by the surety.

Answers To Surety Bond Questions When You Need Them

It isn’t terribly difficult to become a notary in most states. If you have any questions about surety bonds and why a notary may be required to secure one the team at Jurisco has answers.

Jurisco knows that surety bonds can seem confusing what with different requirements and with the worries of getting things right the first time. The surety bond professionals understand that confusion and concern. Jurisco is easy to contact so there is always someone who can answer your questions and help secure a notary surety bond.

A Quick And Easy Bond Process

Securing a surety bond doesn’t have to be a dilemma. Jurisco works with clients nationwide to deliver surety bonds quickly and efficiently. Using a notary surety bond will help put you on the right side of your state and local requirements while giving you financial protection. Let Jurisco help you obtain that peace of mind.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

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