welcome sign to OhioSecuring an Ohio auctioneer license bond is an important step in becoming an auctioneer. This type of surety bond is required by the state for any person or persons seeking to be an auctioneer or operate an auction house.

Why Does Ohio Require an Auctioneer License Bond?

Auctioneers have a great responsibility to ensure property is sold at a reasonable price, to independent buyers, and to promptly pay out any dividends. The state of Ohio regulates auctioneer license bonds to enforce a lawful and ethical behavior on the part of auctioneers and auction house operators.

Ohio uses surety bonds in several other situations, as well. The state has mandates impacting appeal bonds, guardianship bonds, lien bonds, and even government construction projects. Surety bonds are an easy way to offer vast protection and regulate businesses and court actions.

Each Ohio auctioneer license bond is written in compliance of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4707 and all regulation under the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

How Much Does an Ohio Auctioneer License Bond Cost?

The cost of an Ohio auctioneer license bond depends on the bond value. Ohio mandates the bond value should be at least $25,000. Local jurisdictions can impose other caveats that would impact the bond’s value and thereby its cost.

Regardless of the value, Jurisco surety bond experts work hard to deliver the best Ohio auctioneer bond rate possible. People can be in Cincinnati or Lorain and receive the same level of professional service.

Is Same Day Surety Bond Service Available in Ohio?

Jurisco can quickly secure an auctioneer license bond in Ohio. The majority of clients receive same-day surety bond service. The professionals at Jurisco make it easy to meet all Ohio auctioneer license bond mandates. Clients can rest easy and run a successful business as an auctioneer without the threat of the state coming down on them for compliance issues. Contact Jurisco today about a Ohio auctioneer bond.


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