Image of the state of oregon flag and seal from 1859An Oregon surety bond may not be as familiar as the state parks, beaches, and college teams, but bonds are important to the state, all the same. Jurisco works with clients in Portland, Medford, Hillsboro, Eugene, Salem and across the state to secure the best surety bond in Oregon. Have questions about the bonding process? Always feel free to contact an Oregon surety bond expert at Jurisco to learn more.

Why Would an Oregon Surety Bond Be Required?

Surety bonds are often required in Oregon. Legal actions including wage garnishment, injunctions, and appeals all come with surety bond mandates. The state also relies on surety bonds for business licenses, government building projects, and guardianships.

Oregon surety bonds offer full protection which is why both the state and court rely on them so heavily. For example, a defendant seeking an appeal has the right to do so, but having to pay out the judgement simultaneously may prevent their ability to bring about an appeal. Ignoring the judgement altogether isn’t an option for the defendant or the court. To protect the plaintiff’s right to the judgement, an appeal bond is used.

What Are Common Oregon Surety Bonds?

There are four main categories of frequently used surety bonds in Oregon. Plaintiff and defendant bonds are court bonds. Probate and fiduciary bonds typically deal with financial matters. And permit and license bonds relate to businesses and commerce. Among the most often used are injunction bonds, administrator bonds, lien bonds, trustee bonds, and guardianship bonds.

How Much Does a Surety Bond in Oregon Cost?

A benefit of using an Oregon surety bond is the low cost. Surety bonds tend to be the better option financially when compared to having to put up the full value of the bond in cash. Being able to pull a large sum of cash together in a short time frame is nearly impossible for the majority of people. An Oregon surety bond comes with a low surety bond rate and only requires a small portion be covered ahead of time. Even with only having to pay a small percentage the Oregon surety bond still offers 100% coverage.

Does It Take A Lot Of Time To Secure A Bond?

The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco are experienced with Oregon surety bonds enough in order to offer same-day bond service. Dealing with a state mandate or satisfying a court order shouldn’t be delayed. Jurisco can quickly deliver the best Oregon surety bond so clients have what they need when they need it. Contact Jurisco to learn more about surety bonds.

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