Philadelphia Lien Bond Can Remove or Secure A Lien

A Philadelphia lien bond can save you both time and money should you be involved with securing or transferring a lien. Philadelphia lien bonds may be used by either a plaintiff or defendant in a court case. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco works with clients to ensure they have the appropriate lien bond when they need it, at the cost they need.

Purpose of a Lien

A lien tends to be employed when one party is owed money by another. The most common types of occurance occur in construction with subcontractors not being paid. In addition to placing a lien on the main contractor’s property, the subcontractors can place it against the project itself. Imagine how fast the problems could pile up on public projects such as highway construction.

The lien is intended to apply enough pressure that the owed party receives prompt payment. Needless to say, liens can cause harsh financial penalties. Property cannot be sold, for example, if a lien is on the property. This can cause real financial constraints.

When liens are involved it’s best to get the legal assistance necessary. Just one more reason why the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco are the best at what they do.

Two Types of Surety Bonds Dealing With Liens

There are two types of surety bonds that deal with liens. A Philadelphia lien bond taking by a plaintiff covers the action of securing a lien on a defendant’s property. Then there’s a transfer of lien bond used by the defendant to remove the lien from their property. Both types of lien bonds are required in order to secure or remove a lien.

For a lien to be proper it must be approved by the court. Courts more often than not always uphold this requirement. However, the court may rule that the requirement can be waived, but that is only after the defendant and/or plaintiff make an official petition.

Securing a Philadelphia Lien Bond Fast

The best way to secure a Philadelphia lien bond quickly is to work with a reputable surety bond company. Then you want to make sure they have the necessary experience (do they understand court timelines, for example). Finally, check their application process and expected cost. Clients who follow these steps find Jurisco.

The Philadelphia lien bond specialists at Jurisco have the expertise required with the ability to offer the lowest surety bond rate possible.

Lower Your Surety Bond Rate

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