Protecting Veterans With A Custodian Of Veteran Bond

custodian of veteran bondWith another July 4th celebration in the books many people are reflecting on what makes a country’s freedom possible. For America, the service of men and women in the military has always been a staple. While the world continues to battle for peace it can be difficult to see an after picture. The picture of what happens to the men and women who serve their country when they return home. Unfortunately, some veterans will return to their loved ones needing serious support.

One of the main bonds dealing with members of the military is a custodian of veteran bond. This type of surety bond protects the veteran’s financial interest should he or she be incapable of handling their own affairs. This could happen, for instance, if they are hospitalized or have been severely injured in the line of battle. To protect those who protect us the court has established this surety bond to ensure the veteran does not undergo any unnecessary hardship.

The cost of a custodian of veteran bond will vary as will the terms of the bond. Courts in each state will require a surety bond for any member of the military who is incapacitated and who has invested money with the Department of Veterans Affair (VA). To have a soldier lose money because their finances were mishandled is something the courts take great strides to prevent.

While soldiers are serving their country it is up to the courts to serve them. Not only does the veteran deserve to have their money properly handled, but so do their spouses and heirs. By having a custodian of veteran bond the court is protecting the veteran’s financial sovereignty.

The guardian who is appointed the veteran’s case is held to a high standard. Any mishandling of the account will have to be answered for in a court of law. Without having a custodian of veteran bond, the family of the veteran and the veteran themselves have a harder time using a legal recourse. By having the protection of this surety bond a veteran and their family can rest a little easier knowing that their finances are being watched over carefully.

Our soldiers do so much for us that it only makes sense that we return the favor. Having a custodian of veteran bond is one step we can take to protect those who protect us. Make sure to have this surety bond in place so if something does happen financially the safety net is already there.  Please contact Jurisco for more information.



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