Reduce Cost of California Guardianship Bond

Are you considering becoming a guardian in California? The state requires a guardianship bond to ensure that California residents who need a guardian are fully protected. The guardianship bond is a type of surety bond required before guardianship can begin. Ignoring this requirement can result in severe ramifications, including fines and potential jail time.

What Is A Guardianship Bond?

A guardianship bond is a type of surety bond required for a party or individual wishing to serve as a guardian in California. When a person is deemed incapacitated or needs a guardian, the court requires this surety bond to protect the individual from financial misuse or other harm by the guardian.

What Are the Guardianship Bond Requirements?

The state of California has laid out requirements for each person who seeks to become a guardian. The California surety bond experts at Jurisco are here to help ensure you know and satisfy all the requirements laid out by the state‚Äôs guardianship bond mandate. 

What Other Types of California Surety Bonds are Used?

There are several other types of California surety bonds. The four main categories for surety bonds are plaintiff, defendant, license, and permit, and probate and fiduciary. Surety bonds are routinely used all throughout the state for a wide variety of causes.

Among the most commonly used California surety bonds are appeal bonds, garnishment bond, injunction bond, protest of bid bond, and administrator bond. Need to know which surety bond applies to your situation? The California surety bond experts at Jurisco can help.

Are California Guardianship Bonds Affordable?

Jurisco works hard to make sure every California bond is affordable. The surety bond experts understand every surety bond requirement. This way, they can deliver same-day service and the lowest surety bond rate possible for a California guardianship bond.

Have questions about a California guardianship bond or other surety bonds? Contact Jurisco today and let them answer all your questions.

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