Release Of Lien Bond Avoids Big Problems

When a lien is placed on property it can cause big problems. A release of lien bond takes the place of the lien which can help you sidestep a bad experience.

Without a release of lien bond you run several risks including:

  • property being seized for payment
  • the fallout of having real┬áproperty sold at auction
  • a difficult court experience over payment of the judgement

Courts Accept Surety Bonds For Liens

Release of lien bond

Avoid property being sold at auction with a release of lien bond.

Surety bonds have been accepted by courts in every state for a long time standing. A release of lien bond is a sign of good intention that the money judgement will be handled properly.

It is important to work with a surety bond company that understands your state requirements to ensure the bond meets all mandates.

Anytime a lien is used it is best to secure a release of lien bond as quickly as possible. And liens happen probably more than you may realize.

Liens Hold Up Business

Liens can be used by contractors who did not receive payment for work done on a home. A pest control company has the right to place a lien on apartment complexes that did not pay. Even the IRS can place a lien against a business if they do not pay their taxes.

Some liens affect only one individual, but others can impact businesses, their employees, and even those who use their services. For example, a ferry ship dealing with a lien issue is preventing transport from Maine to Nova Scotia.

Using a release of lien bond allows property and mechanics liens to be replaced so businesses and individuals can keep operating.

Let A Bond Help

Not using a surety bond opens up the property being liened to seizure and sale. If a lien is in play then it is time to take action with a release of lien bond right now.

The team at Jurisco know all release of lien regulations for every state. They are easy to contact and are very knowledgeable about surety bonds.

Let Jurisco take care of a mechanics lien with a surety bond. The release of lien bond protects your property and allows you the chance to handle the judgement your way.

Trust the Surety Bond Experts

The Jurisco lawyer-trained staff are here to help you today.