Replevin Bond in California

Replevin Bond in California ​A Replevin Bond in California may be the only legal action available to a plaintiff in order to levy property before a judgment is made. In order to take this action, California state law requires a plaintiff secure a replevin bond to cover the value of the property, as well as court costs. This surety bond works as an insurance policy so the defendant isn’t harmed financially, and that the court is protected in case the levy was unnecessary.

Writ of Replevin involves personal property, not acreage or houses, but items like automobiles and pieces of artwork. It can also be used to retrieve a pet after a breakup. According to the American Dog Magazine, couples, I mean, singles, often use this legal recourse when an ex- wrongfully takes the dog. As dogs are achieving higher protection by courts, the writ of replevin may be used to recover custody of an animal before a judge makes a ruling. A replevin bond is required in this case as well.

What spurs the use of replevin by a plaintiff varies, however, the requirement for a replevin bond remains constant. Also known as sequestration or claim and delivery bonds, a replevin bond guarantees the defendant can collect all damages if the sequestration is wrongful. The court does not forget that responsibility regardless of the type of property – even if it is a 10-year-old Labrador.

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