Rhode Island Surety Bond for Courts and Businesses

A Rhode Island surety bond can be used in a variety of situations. The state relies on surety bonds to cover business practices, bidding on public projects including road construction, and legal recourse. Surety bonds are like gears in a watch. They aren’t noticeable right away but they help make the whole process work better. Rhode Island joins the rest of the country as it relies on the legal backing and full protection surety bonds offer.

There are four main types of Rhode Island surety bonds. Probate and fiduciary bonds are used by those in charge of executing a will, managing a trust, or person serving as a guardian to a veteran. License and permit bonds are used by businesses to protect against fraudulent practices such as scamming travellers, or with the unfortunate closure of their business (such as owing gym members months in pay). Then there are the plaintiff and defendant bonds.

When an Rhode Island Surety Bond Is Used in Court

Court bonds are among the most well known Rhode Island surety bond. This is the same with most other states, as well. Court surety bonds are used to protect the other party from being wrongfully harmed by the first-party. It may sound confusing but basically the Rhode Island surety bond serves as a financial protectant against actions that may later be deemed wrongful.

A plaintiff bond is used when a plaintiff seeks to garnish wages, file an injunction, seize property, or remove a tenant. A defendant bond is used when a defendant seeks to transfer of lien, appeal a decision, or stay a money judgement. Again, all of these bonds serve as an insurance policy for the action being carried out.

There are situations where the necessity of a Rhode Island surety bond can be waived. However, this discretion is left up to the local judges and legislation.

Rhode Island Surety Bond Professionals

The best way to determine which Rhode Island surety bond works for your purposes is to work with a surety bond professional. When you’re in the hands of experts you have nothing to worry about. They can answer your questions and calm any concerns you may have about surety bonds.

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