Satisfying Irvine Guardianship Bond Requirements

It’s admirable when people serve as a guardian, but the state of California needs more than just the will to serve; they need an Irvine guardianship bond that protects, too. An Irvine guardianship bond is a type of surety bond required by the state for any person(s) wishing to be a guardian.

Purpose of Guardianship Bond

As with other surety bonds, an Irvine guardianship bond is designed to protect a vulnerable party from the misuse of funds or faulty handling of accounts. A guardianship bond is designed to protect any individual under the care of a guardian. The requirement of an Irvine guardianship bond can be waived in special circumstances such as when a family member is chosen for the role.

The main goal of the guardianship bond is that it never need to be used. However, when it comes into play it provides the individual under guardianship with some financial restitution to repair any damage done.

Controlling Guardianship Bond Expense

The cost of a guardianship bond can vary depending on the term limits of the bond, how long the bond must be valid, and any special circumstances requested by the state or local municipalities.

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