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Type of St. Louis Surety Bonds

There are four main types of St. Louis surety bonds. Among the most commonly known are the plaintiff and defendant bonds. These court bonds as they are often referred are used in conjunction with legal actions such as garnishing wages, appealing a money judgement, evicting a commercial tenant, or filing an injunction.

Probate and fiduciary bonds cover actions such as serving as a guardian, a custodian of a veteran, a trustee, or personal representative. Without these bonds the state of Missouri could file charges against those 3rd parties serving in their roles of will executor and guardian.

Permit and license bonds are the final type of St. Louis surety bonds. These are used for businesses such as travel agents and mortgage brokers. Even health club managers must deal with a St. Louis surety bond requirement.

Complying with State Surety Bond Restrictions

When parties fail to comply with state surety bond mandates there is going to be trouble. A travel agent can have their business license revoked. A landlord can lose their appeal to evict a tenant who hasn’t paid in over a year. The auction house is closed down.

Surety bonds are far reaching and the state expects that reach to be successful. Hence all the state statutes concerned with successful surety bond practice.

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