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In need of a Montana probate bond? Handling a probate bond requirement does not have to be a stressful experience. Working with Montana probate bond professionals means there’s no need to worry; everything will be handled quickly and without error.

Regardless of if a client lives in Billings or Bozeman they need to understand Montana probate bond requirements and restrictions. The same goes for people in Missoula, Great Falls or any other part of the great state. Clients can rely on Jurisco to be well-versed in state surety bond requirements and able to answer any questions or concerns about the process, bonding costs, etc.

Montana Probate Bond Examples

Among the most common Montana probate bonds are personal representative, guardianship, custodian of veteran, and trustee bonds. As evident in the Montana probate bond definitions below, probate bonds are the same as other surety bonds in that they cover an action or decision.

For instance, a personal representative bond, sometimes referred to as an administrator or executive bond, covers the process of administering the wishes of a person’s will/estate after their death.

A guardianship bond is used in scenarios where the courts have ruled someone incapacitated or otherwise in need of a guardian. Montana uses this type of probate bond in an effort to protect the individual(s) under a guardian’s care

Custodian of veteran bonds only apply to individuals who served in America’s armed forces (be it the Navy, Marines, Army, or National Guard). Montana takes all surety bonds seriously but when members of the armed forces are involved there is an extra level of sensitivity. When people have put their lives on the line overseas, it’s the least the state can do to offer a higher level of protection when they return to America soil.

Trustee bonds are used whenever there is a trust. Again, this type of Montana probate bond is very common with minimal paperwork. Clients can find trustee bond applications as well as other Montana surety bond applications on the Jurisco website.

Applying for a Montana Probate Bond

There’s an easy three-step process working with Jurisco. First, clients can fill out the surety bond application. Then they send Jurisco the application via email, fax or mail. Once the application is received a surety bond professional that is lawyer-trained will begin working. For most surety bond clients, Jurisco can secure the appropriate bond in one-day (if not the same day).

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