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What Types Of Surety Bonds Are Used in South Carolina?

A South Carolina surety bond may be required by state law or court order. Surety bonds are used in a variety of cases including court cases, business licenses, and financial matters. There are four main categories for South Carolina surety bonds. Plaintiff and defendant bonds are commonly referred to as court bonds. Probate and fiduciary bonds are used in financial situations such as trusts and guardianships. License and permit bonds typically relate to businesses such as realtors and sellers of travel.

Are Surety Bonds Required Often?

Given that the state and legal system mandate surety bonds, bonds are commonly used throughout South Carolina. Among the most commonly required bonds are appeal bonds, injunction bond, administrator bond, probate bonds, and lien bond.

Will A South Carolina Surety Bond Expert Be Available To Discuss Bonds?

Knowing which bond is best for a situation isn’t always clear. The South Carolina surety bond experts at Jurisco have the experience to help clients secure the best bond for their situation. It’s ok to ask questions. Jurisco’s lawyer-trained staff is pleased to take the time to discuss a client’s needs in order to deliver the best service possible.

How Much Does A Surety Bond in South Carolina Cost?

The cost of a South Carolina surety bond depends on a variety of factors. An appeal bond, for instance, is going to be based on the amount of judgement the defendant is wishing to appeal. The value for a realtor bond is determined by the state. Bad credit can impact cost. As can the length of time the bond is valid. Jurisco always works to deliver a low surety bond rate no matter what type of South Carolina surety bond a client needs.

Can Jurisco Provide Same Day Service?

Paying attention to bond deadlines is a must. Jurisco works with clients in Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Rock Hill, and Sumter…all over South Carolina. Bond experts are ready to offer professional service to secure a bond the same day. Having the expertise of knowing all South Carolina requirements makes it easy to deliver a bond quickly. Contact Jurisco for a South Carolina surety bond today.


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