Supersedeas Bond Georgia

Supersedeas Bond GeorgiaSupersedeas bonds are not very popular in Georgia, but they are common. A supersedeas bond only applies if you lose the judgment and, let’s face it, no one wants to lose. The appeal process can turn “losers” into “winners”, though, if the appellant protects the owed money properly.

One way to satisfy the court is with a surety bond. This may sound familiar if you have dealt with appeal bonds. The same principle applies; the supersedeas bond protects the amount owed to the judgment holder and ensures its full payment. Often Georgia courts require the bond cover court costs as well.

Terms of the bond may vary from city-to-city, meaning Atlanta courts might not require the same as courts in Rome or Macon. Our extensive work in Georgia will catch the changes. Mostly the difference is in the value of the bond.

The appellant could reach an agreement with the judgment holder where a supersedeas bond is not required, however, that agreement still must have court approval. Without the agreement, the only alternative to stay a judgment and appeal is with supersedeas bonds.

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