What is a California Guardianship Bond?

In California, this surety bond protects a person deemed incapacitated by the court to ensure the guardian does not abuse or neglect the ward financially or physically.

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A California Guardianship Bond may be required to guarantee that the guardian will not abuse or neglect the ward financially or physically. The surety bond costs vary from county to county. The value of the ward’s assets is a determining factor on the bond amount as well


Where can I find an application?

Guardianship Bond Application

What does a Guardianship Bond cover?

A person may be deemed incapacitated by the court by either infirmity or age. In these cases, the court may appoint a guardian to handle the incapacitated person’s (ward) financial and physical affairs. Requiring a guardianship bond ensures the person is not mistreated or taken advantage of financially.

What information do I need to apply for a Guardianship Bond?

Q:  What information do I need to apply for a Guardianship Bond?
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