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Everyone knows that you don’t mess with Texas. Dallas, Texas is no exception. This collection of great music, great food, and great people is a pride to the state. Working in the community as a Dallas surety bonds company, Jurisco strives to deliver a service clients can be proud of every time.

Surety bonds are used by both businesses and individuals. Often a bond may be required by the state of Texas. Dallas surety bonds are also popular in the court system for both defendants and plaintiffs.

What type of surety bonds does Texas require?

The state of Texas mandates which surety bonds are required and which can be accepted by a court. Jurisco works with four categories of bonds: defendant bonds, plaintiff bonds, license and permit bonds, and probate and fiduciary bonds.

Which are the most common types of Dallas surety bonds?

Among the most often used surety bonds in Dallas are appeal bonds, garnishment bonds, injunction bonds and transfer of lien bonds. Any question about a Dallas surety bond may be answered by a surety bond expert at Jurisco.

Why are surety bonds better than cash?

Surety bonds are better than cash simply because they are more cost feasible. Even a large Dallas, Texas business or corporation can find it difficult to gather large sums of cash on short notice. It takes time to free up funds. However, with a surety bond, the matter can be taken care of quickly since only a portion of the overall value (i.e. court judgment, the value of the property being seized) is due.

How fast can I get a surety bond?

Securing a surety bond in Dallas, Texas can be done quickly when working with Jurisco. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond company who understands the specifics of Texas surety bonds. Contact Jurisco today and begin the online surety bond application.

Who determines Dallas surety bond rates?

Dallas surety bond rates are determined by the type of bond, any special instructions, and the value that needs to be covered. For instance, a garnishment bond covers the wages being garnished, as well as designated court fees.

When can I speak with a surety bond expert?

Speak with a surety bond expert today by contacting Jurisco. A member of the lawyer-trained staff will take the time to answer questions about Dallas surety bonds, surety bond rates, and how quickly a surety bond can be obtained.


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