[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Jurisco serves clients in every state with a specialized approach. Surety bonds differ state by state and while Jurisco has a nationwide reach, we do not impose Indiana statutes on Florida surety bond. State terms cannot be mixed for the same reason plaintiff and probate bonds are not interchangeable. Our experts understand surety bond Florida mandates with an aim to ensure our clients have bonding which complies with all Probate, Plaintiff, Defendant, License and Permit and Fidelity requirements.

At Jurisco we listen to what a client needs and combine that with our years of experience. We are able to serve Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Jacksonville and other Florida cities because of this individualistic approach.  Surety bond Florida are only effective when they meet agency and state provisions, not when a one size fits all package is used. Contact our office today and see the difference first hand.

Probate Bonds & Rates

Personal representative
1%-2% of Bond Amount. Contact us for rates.
1%-2% of Bond Amount. Contact us for rates.
Contact us for rates.
Contact us for rates.
Contact us for rates.
Contact us for rates.

Plaintiff Bonds & Rates

Garnishment 1% of Bond Amount
Attachment 1% of Bond Amount
Sheriff indemnity 1% of Bond Amount
Corporate Undertaking 1% of Bond Amount
Receiver 0.5%
Contact us for rates.
Injunction 2% of Bond Amount
Lis Pendens 2% of Bond Amount
Bid Protest 2% of Bond Amount
Distress for Rent 2% of Bond Amount
Financial Guarantee 2% of Bond Amount

Defendant Bonds & Rates

Must be fully collateralized by either cash or Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Supersedeas (Appeal) 1% of Bond Amount
Lis Pendens 1% of Bond Amount
Transfer of Lien 1% of Bond Amount

License & Permit

Yacht Broker/ Salesperson $250/ 125 for two years
Professional Guardian $250/ year
Title Agent $350/ year


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