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Harris County Courthouse in Houston

Houston, Texas is known for many things from it’s Grand Opera house to NASA’s famous Houston ground control. Houston truly is a highlight of the state. When an individual or Houston business requires a surety bond they want to work with a company they trust. That’s why people choose Jurisco for their Houston surety bonds.

What are common types of surety bonds in Houston, Texas?

Surety bonds are used a lot in Houston. Among the most common Houston surety bonds are replevin bonds, garnishment bonds, injunction bonds, appeal bonds, and a release of lis pendens bonds.

Will a court in Houston accept surety bonds from a plaintiff or defendant?

Courts in Houston, Texas will accept surety bonds from both a defendant and plaintiff. Jurisco specializes in these types of court surety bonds. Judges accept a stay (pending appeal) bond to freeze judgment payment. Other common court bonds include a distress bond and transfer of lien bond.

Are surety bonds different than a cash bond?

Texas surety bonds are different than cash bonds. One of the biggest differences is how much the two cost. A surety bond is more cost effective than collecting a large sum of money to secure a cash bond. A surety bond gives individuals and companies more protection than a cash bond would provide.

When should I contact a surety bond expert about a bond?

If you need a surety bond or know you will in the near future, now is the time to talk to a surety bond expert at Jurisco. Contact Jurisco today and hear answers to all your Houston surety bond questions.

How much do Houston surety bonds cost?

Houston surety bond rates depend on the type of bond, the value associated with the bond, and any fees tacked on by a court. Jurisco works with you to ensure you receive the best surety bond rate possible.

Does Jurisco offer Texas surety bonds?

Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond company. The staff of lawyer-trained professionals is versed in Texas surety bond requirements and applications. Contact Jurisco today to discuss Houston surety bonds.


Harris County Courthouse
16715 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77084

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