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Miami, Florida. Just saying those words can make someone pack a bag and head to the beach. Tourists know Miami for its gorgeous beaches. Businesses know Miami for its possibilities. Culture is important in Miami and so is taking care of business quickly. When individuals or companies need Miami surety bonds they know to call Jurisco to handle things right the first time.

What type of surety bonds are used in Miami, Florida?

Jurisco specializes in all four types of Miami surety bonds: plaintiff bond, defendant bond, license and permit bond, and probate and fiduciary bond. The most common types of surety bonds are court bonds such as appeal bond, replevin bond, transfer of lien bond, attachment bond, and injunction bond.

When is a surety bond better than cash?

A surety bond provides more protection than cash for all involved parties. Miami surety bonds are better than cash because they cost less and offer more in terms of service. Instead of having to secure large sums of cash, an individual or business only has to cover a small fraction of the amount. Yet, they are fully protected against the whole sum.

Are Florida surety bond requirements different from other states?

Florida does have surety bond requirements specific to the state. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond company with expert knowledge about Florida bond restrictions. Knowing what the state is expecting out of a bond, Jurisco is able to deliver the perfect Miami surety bond every time.

How much do Miami surety bonds cost?

Surety bond rates are determined by court fees, the value associated with the bond, and the type of bond itself. Jurisco offers the lowest surety bond rates to Miami individuals and companies. Working with a surety bond expert, Jurisco clients save more on bonds.

Is there a surety bond expert at Jurisco able to discuss Miami surety bonds?

While the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco know surety bond requirements for every state, they are also aware of local specifications. Contact Jurisco today and speak with a Miami surety bonds expert. Get answers and a low surety bond rate with Jurisco.


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