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Orange County Courthouse in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is certainly one of the happiest cities in the panhandle state. People come here because dreams come true in Orlando. There’s a lot to do and see in Orlando giving people and businesses little time to worry about surety bonds. That’s why more companies and individuals turn to Jurisco for their Orlando surety bonds.

What Orlando surety bonds are most common?

Plaintiff bonds, defendant bonds, license and permit bonds, and probate and fiduciary bonds are the most common types of Orlando surety bonds. Jurisco specializes in all four types of bonds. Appeal bonds, attachment bonds, administrator bond, a seller of travel bond, and transfer of lien bond are among the regularly used bonds.

When does a court call for a surety bond to be used by a plaintiff or defendant?

A court wants to be ensured that the action taken by the plaintiff or defendant doesn’t wrongfully harm the other. For example, a defendant who wishes to the stay the judgment during the appeal process must secure a stay (pending appeal) bond. This bond proves to the court that the judgment will be paid regardless of the appeal outcome. Actions such as wage garnishment, attachment of property, and seizure of property are required to be covered by Orlando surety bonds.

How can I get the lowest rate for Orlando surety bonds?

Work with a reputable nationwide surety bond company to get the best rates. Jurisco has a nationwide reach with a Florida specialty. Work with a personal surety bond expert to receive the lowest rates for Orlando surety bonds.

Does Jurisco know Florida surety bond requirements?

Jurisco serves every state in America. To do this, however, Jurisco must be very familiar with all state requirements. Surety bond experts can answer any questions clients have about Florida surety bond requirements and Orlando surety bonds in particular. Clients can always count on Jurisco to get the bond right.

How soon can Jurisco secure a surety bond in Orlando?

Contact Jurisco today and start the fast surety bond process. After answering only a few questions, the bond process is almost complete. In most situations Orlando surety bonds can be secured the same day of the application.


Orange County Courthouse
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