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Multnomah County Courthouse in Portland

Portland, Oregon is in a class of its own. The largest city in Oregon, Portland maintains a thriving arts scene while keeping things green. From clean living to sustainable business practices, the city of Portland expects a lot out of individuals and companies. That’s why Jurisco is proud to be chosen so often to help clients secure Portland surety bonds.

What type of surety bonds are used in Portland, Oregon?

Jurisco specializes in the four main types of Portland surety bonds: plaintiff bonds, defendant bonds, probate and fiduciary bonds, and license and permit bonds. Bonds may be required for a business to operate in the state of Oregon. Other types of surety bonds are mandated by the court system.

What are common Portland surety bonds?

Appeal bonds, release of lis pendens bond, transfer of lien bonds, and attachment bonds are among the most common types of bonds in Portland. Regardless of whether the bond a client needs is commonly used or not, the surety bond experts at Jurisco make sure clients receive the best of the best.

Why do Portland courts prefer surety bonds over cash?

Oregon courts accept surety bonds to cover the action taken by a plaintiff or defendant in the case. A good example of this is an appeal bond used by a defendant wishing to stay the judgment during the appeal process. A plaintiff may also use a surety bond such as an injunction bond to prevent the defendant from a certain action. Surety bonds give greater protection against wrongful action which is why the courts prefer them over cash.

Will a surety bond protect my best interest?

Surety bonds are designed to protect all parties involved in the process. In the instance of court bonds, the court wants both the defendant and plaintiff to be protected in any action. So when a plaintiff wants to garnish the wages of a defendant they must first secure a garnishment bond. If the garnishment is later deemed wrongful the defendant has full recourse to recover lost funds.

How can I obtain surety bonds fast?

Contact Jurisco today and secure a surety bond fast. As a nationwide surety bond company, Jurisco is able to provide the best Portland surety bonds with the lowest surety bond rates. The process can begin now with an online surety bond application. After answering a few questions, the bonding process will be close to complete.

Is there a surety bond expert I can talk to about Portland bond requirements?

Jurisco understands all Oregon surety bond requirements. The surety bond experts also know the extra provisions required for Portland surety bonds. Contact Jurisco and speak with an expert about surety bonds today.


Multnomah County Courthouse
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