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Bexar County Courthouse in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas is a place to be remembered. From the Alamo to the River Walk the streets of San Antonio are lined with history. When people need San Antonio surety bonds they look for a surety bond company who has a proven track record. They find their match with Jurisco.

What San Antonio surety bonds are most common?

San Antonio bonds are often used by the state to help protect consumers against fraud. Governments even use surety bonds for construction projects. There are four main types of San Antonio surety bonds: plaintiff, defendant, probate and fiduciary, license and permit.

Do San Antonio courts allow surety bonds?

Texas courts routinely allow a plaintiff or defendant to use a surety bond. An appeal bond shows the court good faith that the defendant’s appeal is on reasonable ground. A garnishment bond allows a plaintiff to garnish wages before a judge issues a final ruling. Jurisco’s lawyer-trained staff will answer any questions you have about San Antonio court bonds.

How will I know if I need a business surety bond in San Antonio, Texas?

Any business must be aware of the regulations particular to their occupation. The Texas Secretary of State will tell you exactly which surety bonds may be required. For instance, a person wishing to operate as a travel agent must secure a seller of travel bond before offering service to Texas residents.

What are San Antonio surety bond rates based on?

The type of bond, amount of value associated with the bond, and court fees determine the cost of San Antonio surety bonds. Jurisco always delivers low San Antonio surety bond rates. Jurisco clients receive the lowest Texas surety bond rates. Jurisco offers these low rates because it is a nationwide surety bond company.

Can I get a surety bond without having to travel to an office?

You can secure a surety bond from the comfort of wherever you are at this moment. Jurisco has an easy to use online surety bond application. A surety bond expert is a call or message away. If you need San Antonio surety bonds then work with Jurisco for the fastest, easiest bonding process.


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