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San Diego, California has sunny beaches, an amazing zoo, and a robust culture. One of the hottest tourist and business spots in Southern California, San Diego stays busy. When lawyers are working a court case, or when legislators are looking for ways to protect consumers, the city turns to San Diego surety bonds.

What are common types of San Diego surety bonds?

Surety bonds can be separated into four different categories: plaintiff, defendant, probate and fiduciary, and license and permit. Common surety bonds in San Diego, California include supersedeas bond, transfer of lien bond, administrator bond, health club bond, and injunction bond.

How do I obtain a surety bond in California?

Working with a reputable surety bond company is the best way to secure a surety bond in California. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond company who understand all the requirements and mandates set forth for California surety bonds. Surety bond experts also know of any special requirements for San Diego surety bonds.

When does a business need a California surety bond?

The state of California requires surety bonds for certain types of business. A good example of this is the mortgage broker bond and seller of travel bond. Both bonds are required before an individual or company offers services to California residents. The surety bonds are mandated to protect consumers against fraud and wrongful actions.

Can I speak to a real person about a San Diego surety bond?

Yes, contact Jurisco and speak with a real person about San Diego surety bonds and why you may need one. They will take the time to answer questions about surety bonds.

Are surety bonds expensive?

When working with a surety bond expert at Jurisco a San Diego surety bond is not expensive. In short, it is often more financially feasible to obtain a surety bond than it is to pay the entire amount with cash or to put up property collateral.

Do California courts require surety bonds?

Among the most common types of San Diego surety bonds are the ones employed by the court. Judges not only accept surety bonds but often require them of both defendants and plaintiffs.

Is Jurisco a San Diego surety bond company?

Yes, Jurisco is a reputable San Diego surety bond company. While Jurisco operates across the country, there are surety bond experts on staff who know the stipulations of San Diego surety bonds and other California bonds.


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