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Superior Court of California in San Francisco

San Francisco, California is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. From the people to the experiences to the history that happens here, the Bay Area is alive and well. Working as a surety bond company in the Golden Gate City is a privilege for Jurisco. We know that here people are on the go with a purpose. San Francisco surety bonds allow businesses to operate, courts to function, and people to be protected.

What type of San Francisco surety bonds are available?

Jurisco specializes in four main types of surety bonds including plaintiff, defendant, probate and fiduciary, and license and permit. Jurisco offers expert surety bonds for all bonds.

Does the state of California require surety bonds for businesses?

Yes, there are situations where California mandates the use of a surety bond for businesses. An example of this would be a seller of travel bond. Without this bond, a travel agent is operating in noncompliance with state code.

How much time does it take to secure a surety bond in San Francisco?

Working with Jurisco provides clients with quick service. Since the lawyer trained staff is highly knowledgeable in San Francisco surety bond requirements most bonds can be secured the same day.

Do courts in California accept bonds?

The California court system and San Francisco, in general, certainly accept surety bonds. A plaintiff can use a surety bond to garnish wages. A defendant has the option to employ a stay (pending appeal) bond should they wish to postpone the payment of a money judgment until after an appeal. Courts depend on surety bonds as a measure to protect all parties involved in a case from a wrongful action.

What is the surety bond rate in San Francisco?

California surety bond rates depend on the type of bond, value associated with the bond, and any court fees that may be applied. Serving as a nationwide surety bond company, Jurisco offers competitive surety bonds for all our cities including San Francisco.

Is Jurisco a San Francisco surety bond company?

Jurisco is a well-respected, trusted surety bond company in San Francisco. Business and individuals receive expert service when working with a member of the Jurisco staff. Contact Jurisco for assistance with a San Francisco surety bond today.


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