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San Jose, California is one of the busiest cities in the state. Technology innovation thrives in San Jose as people flock to the area. When businesses and individuals need something done they know to meet the mandates but aren’t afraid to think outside the box. People are moving ahead fast using San Jose surety bonds.

What type of surety bonds are available in San Jose, California?

Jurisco specializes in four types of surety bonds: plaintiff, defendant, probate, and license and permit. These bonds are required to appeal, seize property, garnish wages, stop the sale of property, or to meet state mandates for operating a business.

Why would San Jose surety bonds be necessary?

Surety bonds are necessary by California state bond requirements and sometimes by the specific details of the case. For instance, the state of California requires a mortgage broker surety bond for anyone handling a mortgage for a client. Alternatively, a defendant in a case who wants to appeal the court’s ruling and not pay the judgment until then can use a stay (pending appeal) bond.

How do I obtain the surety bond required?

Contacting Jurisco and starting on the surety bond online application is the fastest way to secure a surety bond in California. Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond company who understand the requirements and restrictions of a California surety bond.

Does a surety bond cost more than simply paying cash?

San Jose surety bonds cost less than a cash bond. A cash bond or paying cash in full can be expensive. Imagine needing to pay a sum in the thousands or hundreds of thousands. Employing a surety bond allows you to pay out of pocket for only a small fraction of the overall cost. The bond guarantees the full amount without making you pay for all of it.

Who can I talk to about a California surety bond?

Jurisco employs a staff of highly trained surety bond experts. Contact Jurisco now to speak with a surety bond professional to help you obtain a bond today. If you have questions about San Jose surety bonds you can count on Jurisco to have the answers.


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