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Tampa, Florida is one of the busiest cities along the Gulf Coast. To work or play here people give it their all and have fun doing so. When individuals and companies require Tampa surety bonds they turn to Jurisco because then they can focus on what they need to do.

What are common Tampa surety bonds?

Tampa surety bonds are used by both businesses, individuals, and parties in a court case. The most common types of surety bonds are plaintiff bonds, defendant bonds, probate and fiduciary bonds, and license and permit bonds. Among the most widely used of these bonds are appeal bonds, attachment bonds, administrator bonds, a seller of travel bond, and transfer of lien bonds.

Are Florida surety bonds required for businesses?

The state of Florida does have some surety bond requirements for business. One example of this is a seller of travel bond. Any individual or company working as a travel agent or arranging air travel must have a seller of travel bond or be found noncompliant with Florida’s Secretary of State.

When are Tampa surety bonds used in court?

Surety bonds are often used in court. A plaintiff and defendant both have to show the court good faith that the action they wish to take (i.e. garnishment, attachment) won’t wrongfully harm the other. Surety bonds give financial recourse in case any action is later deemed unlawful.

How are surety bond rates determined?

The cost of Tampa surety bonds is generally determined by three things: the type of bond, the value associated with the bond, and court fees. Working with a nationwide surety bond company like Jurisco ensures clients receive the lowest surety bond rates. The team of lawyer-trained bond professionals knows how to get the best rate at the best price.

Does it take long to secure a bond?

Jurisco can deliver surety bonds often within the same day the application is received. Fill out an online surety bond application to start the process now.

Who can I contact about a surety bond?

Any questions about bonds can be answered by a Jurisco surety bond experts. Working with Jurisco means people have a personal contact who has all the facts and figures concerning their surety bond.Contact Jurisco today to get information aboutTampa surety bonds.


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