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Jurisco is licensed to provide surety bonds in all states to satisfy probate and fiduciary bonds, plaintiff and defendant bonds, and license and permit bond requirements. Not only do we offer the lowest rates in the industry, but in most cases, our team can deliver next-day services.

Probate Bonds

Personal Representative, Administrator, Guardian, Conservator, Curator or Trustee
Rates starting from 1% of Bond Amount

Plaintiff Bonds

Writ of Possession, Garnishment, Attachment, Sheriff indemnity, Corporate & more
Rates starting from 1% of Bond Amount

Defendant Bonds

Supersedeas (Appeal), Lis Pendens, Transfer of Lien, Stay (pending appeal), Replevin 
Rates starting from 1% of Bond Amount

License and Permit Bonds

Professional Guardian, Title Agency, Health Club, Sales Finance, Mortgage Broker
Rates starting from 1% of Bond Amount

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While other bonding companies provide paperwork and hassles, Jurisco specializes in personalized solutions. Our lawyer-trained staff is ready to deliver next day services.

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Jurisco specializes in lawyer’s surety bond services to clients across the nation. Founded in 1987, Jurisco was created by lawyers who were frustrated over the void of fast, professional delivery and service. 

Insurance agents can lack the urgency to detail required when dealing with surety court bonds. Our team of experts specializes only in civil court surety bonds and our lawyer-trained staff is ready to assist you now. 

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