A Tempe surety bond may be used to cover a mortgage, a court appeal, or a bid on a construction project. Tempe surety bonds may not be talked about around the water cooler, but they play an important role in the community. No matter why a surety bond is required, Jurisco works to deliver the solution. Jurisco is proud to offer expert surety bond service to clients in Tempe, Arizona for all their bond needs.

What are some examples of Tempe surety bonds?

There are four main types of Tempe surety bonds including defendant bonds, probate and fiduciary bonds, license and permit bonds, and plaintiff bonds. Appeal bonds, bail bonds, wage garnishment bonds, transfer of lien bonds, and even bid bonds are regularly used in Tempe, Arizona.

Does Arizona require surety bonds?

The state of Arizona sets surety bond specifications for things related to protecting consumers, operating a business, or even bidding out a government project. It is always important to satisfy these specifications. Arizona surety bond experts at Jurisco understand what the state is looking for and how to best comply without any delays.

Why are surety bonds used in court?

Surety bonds are often used in courts because the judge can use them as a way to offer protection to the other party. For instance, when a plaintiff seeks to garnish the wages of a defendant, they must secure a garnishment bond to cover the full amount of garnished wages. This Tempe surety bond offers the defendant protection should the garnishment later be found wrongful.

The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco helps clients find the best surety bond solution for their situation. Have a question about a court bond? A surety bond professional at Jurisco is here with the answer.

Will a surety bond application take long?

Jurisco works hard to deliver fast service. Part of making Tempe surety bonds easy to obtain is timeliness. Jurisco offers same day surety bond service for Tempe, Arizona for all types of bonds. Online bond applications are available to begin the process right now.

How much does a Tempe surety bond cost?

In addition to providing same day Tempe surety bond service, Jurisco delivers low surety rates. By keeping surety rates low, Tempe surety bonds remain the most cost effective and affordable option. Surety bonds only require a small percentage of payment up front. Pair that with Jurisco’s low rates and anyone can afford a Tempe surety bond.

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