What Does A Texas Sequestration Bond Do?

Texas Sequestration BondIt’s “Go big or go home” in Texas. Whether it’s big spaces in San Antonio, big stadiums in Dallas or big festivals in Austin, Texas has plenty to offer in the terms of “big.” For the most part, however, sequestration bond don’t have to go that big.

This type of surety bond allows the creditor to levy property against the party owing debt before the Texas court issues a judgment. A case may call for a sequestration bond after exhausting all other methods of attempting to repossess property. Sequestration bond covers the value of the property satisfying the court’s obligation to protect the defendant from an unnecessary financial loss.

Sequestration bond are typical in Texas when the property in question is a car. Repossessing a vehicle is sometimes necessary, however, the car is not 100% property of the plaintiff. A writ of sequestration calls for the retrieval and storage of, in this case, the vehicle by a peace officer (Sheriff’s deputy, et al). The defendant may also dispute the repossession with a counter replevin bond calling for the return of levied property.

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