Texas Surety Bond Solutions

Jurisco Offers Expert Service for Probate, Fiduciary, and Court bonds

Finding a surety bond Texas solution does not have to be complicated. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco can quickly assist you with probate bonds, fiduciary bonds, license & permit bonds, and court bonds. 

What is a Texas Surety Bond?

There are different types of Texas surety bonds available. Which one works for you will be decided by your situation and what you hope to achieve with the bond.

For example, a defendant seeking to delay judgment while seeking an appeal will need a stay surety bond. The plaintiff seeking to garnish someone’s wages will need a different surety bond. Then there’s the license and permits for health clubs, sellers of travel, and bond brokers. 

Example Probate and Fiduciary Bonds in Texas:

  • Administrator Bond / Executor Bond
  • Guardianship Bond
  • Trustee Bond
  • Professional Guardian Bond
  • Mortgage Broker Bond

Example Court Bonds in Texas:

  • Appeal bond
  • Transfer of Lien Bond
  • Replevin Bond
  • Garnishment bond
  • Injunction Bond

Jurisco can quickly help you identify which surety bond best serves your purpose. Our team specializes in probate and fiduciary bonds, court bonds for plaintiffs and defendants, and license and permit bonds.

How much does a Surety Bond Cost in Texas?

The cost of a surety bond in Texas depends on the type of bond you need. 

Let’s return to our above example. We know that the cost of the stay-pending appeal bond will be contingent on the value of the ruling. The license and permit bonds for health clubs, sellers of travel, and bond brokers are typically set by state statute. 

Jurisco takes the stress out of calculating surety bond cost by offering the lowest Texas surety bond rate regardless of the required bond. 

Way To Take Action

Working with a certified surety bond company like Jurisco saves you time and money in Texas. When you need a solution to your surety bond problem, you don’t have time to waste working with a company that doesn’t understand your urgency.

The fastest way to start the Texas surety bond process is to call Jurisco now at 1-800-274-2663 or email [email protected]. You can also begin the surety bond application process on the Jurisco website.

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