Using A Writ Of Attachment Florida Bond

A writ of attachment Florida bond is a type of surety bond covering the court action of seizing property. This bond is one of the most commonly used surety bonds across the state. A writ of attachment bond is required in Orlando, Miami, Tallahassee, Jacksonville and other Florida cities.

Writ of attachment bonds are often used at the Miami Dade Courthouse.

Writ of attachment bonds are often used at the Miami-Dade Courthouse.

Filing for a Writ of Attachment

People or businesses wishing to remove a tenant and/or regain control of property can file for a writ of attachment. It is a fast and secure way to legally handle an eviction.

A writ of attachment Florida court order gives the tenant, or asset holder, 24 hours notice. The notice is served by a local Florida law enforcement officer or sheriff.

After the 24 hour window, the tenant may be removed along with any additional items (furniture, clothing, art). Upon request, law enforcement can be on hand during the seizure, eviction.

The writ of attachment bond amount is often double the judgment amount. This bond cost reflects the concern the court has for if the event should be deemed wrongful. Florida courts want to make sure that the full financial cost is covered.

Meeting Florida Requirements

Florida respects the right to regain the property. However, they do not shirk at the responsibility of upholding the rights of the property holder (i.e. renter). The wrong writ of attachment Florida bond can lead to big trouble.

Courts do not look favorably on those who do not secure the right bond. Part of upholding the court’s writ of attachment order is respecting any bond requirements.

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The writ of attachment allows for fast action. Without the right surety bond, however, the action can be delayed.

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