Using A Writ of Possession Bond Coast to Coast

Writ of Possession Surety Bond Overview

Today’s surety bond blog topic is about surety bonds used during a writ of possession. These plaintiff bonds are either referred to as a writ of possession surety bond or a writ of attachment surety bond. It all depends on which state you are in at the time of discussion. This blog dives into how a writ of attachment/writ of possession surety bond is used across the United States.

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What is A Writ of Possession?

A writ of possession or writ of attachment is a legal maneuver allowed to plaintiffs seeking to gain possession of property from a defendant. This property can range from small to large items. From two individuals facing off to a company taking action against an employee. 

You don’t need a Tim Burton-sized imagination to understand what all could go wrong in a writ of possession case. While everyone has the potential to be honest, not everyone exercises that trait all the time. This is why courts across the United states require plaintiffs to work with a reputable surety bond company to secure a surety bond to cover their actions. 

What is A Writ of Possession Surety Bond?

In order to be allowed to carry out the writ of possession and conduct the seizure of property, most courts and states require the plaintiff to secure a writ of possession surety bond or a writ of attachment surety bond. 

A writ of attachment bond is a surety bond covering the value of the property, as well as any additional court fees such as any items added by a Judge in the case. This surety bond is a sign of good faith to the courts that the seizure of property is not taken lightly and that all steps to avoid any harm to the defendant’s rights are followed.

Writ of Attachment Examples

A writ of attachment bond or writ of possession bond is used in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, California, Oregon, Texas, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, and Missouri…these bonds are used everywhere. Following are some examples of how this type of plaintiff surety bond is used across the nation.

Georgia Writ of Possession Bond Situation

Georgia Legal Aide lays out a good explanation of the Georgia writ of attachment bond process. A writ of attachment is a powerful court order and Georgia expects it to be treated as such. 

Georgia cities make writ of attachment information available to their residents, and businesses. People can find the Fulton County eviction guidelines, as well as information on the Dekalb County writ of attachment requirements online. This is helpful in abiding by the eviction guidelines.

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California Writ of Possession Bond

In one California writ of possession surety bond case, the landlord wished to take possession of the real property before the eviction judgment was finalized. The bond guaranteed that if the Writ of Possession is deemed wrongful and the tenant’s property had suffered undue harm, the defendant would then be able to collect damages.

Alabama Writ of Possession Court Bond

Using a writ of possession in Alabama makes a big difference in Alabama. Seizing property and especially evicting someone can create a tense situation. Having the writ of possession helps maintain order. By meeting Alabama writ of possession requirements, people can call on local law enforcement to ease the tension. The presence of the sheriff’s department allows people to feel safe during what could be a stressful situation.

Michigan Writ of Possession Plaintiff Bond

A few Michigan writ of possession surety bond guidelines to consider are:

  • covering the full surety bond amount
  • post the bond in a timely manner
  • work with a reputable surety bond company
  • Do not attempt to conduct the seizure without prior approval from a court
  • Allow a 3rd party like the local police to conduct the seizure of property to avoid further dispute

Texas Writ of Attachment Bond

A Texas writ of attachment bond may also be used in more serious matters than evicting a tenant – protecting children. Prosecutors use this procedure when someone has ignored a subpoena to testify and lawyers working in child support cases know it is helpful in regaining possession of children.

When a witness has disobeyed a subpoena a Texas prosecutor may seek to have the witness brought to the courthouse at the appointed time. This is better than seeking a continuance or striking the witness from the list of those who will testify.

A parent or guardian who is dealing with a situation where one person is not complying with a court order the state can use a writ of attachment Texas bond to remove the child and deliver them to the person who has legal custody at that time.

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