Ways to Appeal A Money Judgement: Hawaii Stay Bond

For defendants in need of appealing a money judgement a Hawaii stay bond is the best bet on the islands. The Hawaii stay bond doesn’t mean clients automatically receive a slam dunk win. No, instead the bond allows the judgement to be stayed. This means the defendant doesn’t have to pay out the judgement until after the appeal process is complete.

Defendant Surety Bonds

A Hawaii surety bond is just one type of defendant surety bonds. Hawaii uses court surety bonds often for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Common types of defendant surety bonds in Hawaii are appeal bonds, transfer of lien bonds, counter replevin bonds, and release of lis pendens bonds. All of these bonds share the common trait that they financially cover the requested legal action be it the removal of a property lien or the return of property itself.

Hawaii Stay Bond Mandates

A Hawaii stay bond is required for any defendant seeking to stay a judgement during the appeal process. The courts recognize the cost of satisfying a judgement and launching an appeal cost; a process that is very expensive in its own right. However, that does not trump the right of the plaintiff to receive the judgement that was in their favor. So the courts have a compromise called a stay bond.

The Hawaii stay bond financially covers the full amount of the money judgement as well as any other fines and fees levied by the courts. Since the bond provides a financial safety net, courts are more likely to rule in the favor of staying a judgement. The surety bond must be completed with in a timely manner and must address all the issues facing the court.

The Hawaii surety bond experts at Jurisco understand what the courts are looking for in terms of a stay bond. With their expertise, clients receive the best surety bond that can easily be accepted by a court.

Control Surety Bond Rates

One of the fastest ways to save money is to use a surety bond. A surety bond only requires a nominal upfront payment. This allows defendants from all paygrades to receive a quality surety bond that actually serves their purposes and their budgets.

When clients in Hawaii work with Jurisco they receive that one-on-one attention that always results in the right bond and the lowest surety bond rate.

Jurisco provides surety bonds in every 50 states. This nationwide pull means clients receive lower surety bond rates because the company has the financial resources to make that happen. It’s important for the lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco to always deliver fast, cost-effective services that are sensitive to the time constraints and needs of the client.

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