West Coast the Best Coast for Appeal Bonds?

West Coast the Best Coast for Appeal BondsIs the West Coast the Best Coast for Appeal Bonds? The West Coast has a lot going for it with their Oceanside homes, natural forests, recreational activity and winning sports teams. California is one of the best aspects of West Coast living with thriving communities and relaxed living. Obtaining an Appeal Bond in California shouldn’t deter from relaxation as long as you follow the right steps.

First, the determination must be made if you even require this surety action. Are you a party in a case where the judgment was not ruled in your favor? Now you owe a court judgment and do not want to pay while you seek a reversal. California courts will stay a money judgment if an appeal bond fully covers the value of the judgment and court cost.

Second, find a surety bonding company knowledgeable about the West Coast bonding, California surety bonding in particular. Jurisco writes surety bonds regularly in California and can help answer any questions you may have regarding an appeal bond.

Third, contact Jurisco to discuss details of the surety bonding. An application can be filled out online or faxed to the office. The application and writing process typically takes one to three days.

Fourth, file the appeal knowing the judgment is covered.

Fifth, go back to relaxing.

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