What are the Plaintiff Surety Bonds Used in Texas

A plaintiff in a Texas court case may be required to obtain a surety bond. It all depends on what actions the plaintiff is seeking to take against the defendant. Following is an overview of the different type of plaintiff bonds offered by Jurisco.

Jurisco is a nationwide surety bond provider that can quickly handle any request for a Texas surety bond a plaintiff may need.

Types of Texas Plaintiff Surety Bonds 

Each type of Texas surety bond plays a unique role. There is no one-size fits all option for surety bonds. Instead, the surety bonds are designed to cover specific actions and protect the defendant and court from any unlawful actions. 

Types of surety bonds Jurisco can help with:

  • Garnishment bond
    • A garnishment bond is used when a plaintiff wishes to garnish a defendant’s wages, bank account, or assets before a money judgment is determined. This type of surety bond places the garnished wages/assets with a 3rd party to be held until after the case is settled.
  • Attachment bond
    • An attachment bond is required to cover the cost and potential damages associated with an attachment proceeding. Again, this is a type of surety bond that proves to the court that these actions are not being taken unlawfully. 
  • Replevin bond
    • If you are going to levy property, then you are going to need to use a replevin bond. You may also see this surety bond referred to as a sequestration bond or a claim and delivery bond.
  • Cost bond
    • Dealing with an action from out-of-state? Then you need to consider using a cost bond. Not to be confused of the bond’s cost, a cost bond is required when a plaintiff is out-of-state and seeking action against a defendant. This covers the court cost. 
  • Indemnity to sheriff bond
    • When property is being seized, it must be done by a member of law enforcement. Some states and local jurisdictions require a plaintiff to have an indemnity to sheriff bond which covers the sheriff’s department against any damages that result in seizing the property. 
  • Injunction bond
    • Again this is a surety bond designed to protect the defendant. The injunction bond covers the cost and presumed damages should the courts later rule the injunction was wrongful. 
  • Distress or distraint bond
    • Removing a commercial tenant can be a nightmare. It’s expensive and a lot of red tape is involved. A distress or distraint bond shows the court that the eviction is lawful and that the defendant is financially protected should it later be deemed unlawful. 
  • Lis pendens bond
    • When a plaintiff needs to, for whatever reason, block the sale of property, they can use a lis pendens bond. This bond covers the cost of the sale and any damages that the defendant may suffer.
  • Lost instrument bond
    • A band
  • Bid protest bond

Managing The Cost of Texas Surety Bonds

Keeping the Texas surety bond rates low can be hard if you are dealing with an inexperienced company. However, when clients choose to deal with Jurisco, a nationwide surety bond provider, they are offered expert service with the lowest rates possible. 

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