What Georgia Surety Bond Is Right For You?

In need of a Georgia surety bond or unsure of the requirements set forth by the state? Well, you have come to the right place. While Georgia surety bonds do not get headlines in the newspapers (especially when UGA is ranked #1 in football), surety bonds still play an important role in the state. Throughout the state in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Macon, and Columbus, Georgia, residents, and businesses alike need to lean on a surety bond from time to time.

What Types of Georgia Surety Bonds Are Required?

There are four main types of Georgia surety bonds, including probate and fiduciary, license and permit, and court, divided into plaintiff and defendant bonds. Among the most commonly used are appeal bonds, mortgage broker bonds, personal representative bonds, and lien bonds.

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Surety bonds can be required by the state through a legislative mandate or through the court system. A Georgia surety bond may be ordered by the state or by the smallest of municipalities. Failing to meet Georgia surety bond requirements can result in loss of business (failure to obtain a license bond) or loss of property (failure to transfer a lien properly).

How Are Georgia Surety Bond Rates Determined?

The state of Georgia has followed the example of other states by ensuring the surety bond process is as affordable as possible. The point of a surety bond is to quickly and neatly wrap up an otherwise volatile situation. For example, in a transfer of lien bond, that bond can satisfy any unpaid wages due that a contractor has brought against a property owner. And a plaintiff can secure a wage garnishment bond if they have not been paid. In both of those situations, the bond fully protects the action should it later be deemed wrongful.

Georgia surety bond rates are determined based on the value they are covering (i.e., the impounding of a vehicle) and any court costs or fees. Personal information such as credit score can also impact a person’s surety bond rate. The Georgia surety bond experts at Jurisco are on-hand to deliver the fastest surety bond service possible while still focusing on delivering the lowest surety bond rate.

Are Georgia Surety Bond Experts Available for Questions?

Not only can you speak to a Georgia surety bond expert about your particular situation, but you can trust that a surety bond expert will be handling your surety bond. This means that you receive the correct Georgia surety bond while still receiving the lowest surety bond rate possible. It’s a win-win when clients work with Jurisco.

Contact Jurisco today with any questions you may have about a Georgia surety bond. The lawyer-trained staff is ready and willing to make sure you have the best surety bond experience possible in Georgia.

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