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Defendant’s Bonds

A court bond required at a time of appeal, stay, or transfer of lien to protect the plaintiff from a financial loss. Jurisco specializes in supersedeas, transfer of lien, release of lis pendens and stay bonds among others.

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Plaintiff’s Bonds

The plaintiff may be statutorily required to cover costs and provide proof the defendant will not suffer a financial loss during a court proceeding. Our surety bond underwriters are experts on all variations of plaintiff’s bonds.

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License & Permit

License and Permit Bonds are surety bond that protect the public from damages from certain businesses. They are mandated by various state and local statutes or other governing bodies.

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Probate/Fiduciary Bonds

bonds are a protective measure in guardianship, administrator, trustee and curator actions. These fiduciary bonds vary by jurisdiction in cost and requirements. Jurisco’s surety bond professionals ensure the bond cost isn’t more than necessary and each state mandate is met.

Bond Types, Rates & More

Surety Bond Definition

There are several types of surety bonds available as a defendant bond, plaintiff bond, fiduciary bond and license and permit bond. By clicking “learn more” you can review the surety bond definition for each type of bond JURISCO offers. Find the surety bond requirements on the online application for your applicable bond.

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Knowing which type of plaintiff’s bonds or probate bonds can be difficult if you are unsure of court guidelines and state mandates. The experts at JURISCO will gladly answer any questions you may have about surety bonds, the bonding application process and the importance of a surety bond.

State by State

JURISCO offers surety bonds to customers in all 50 states. While our knowledge stretches across America, the bonding requirements are specific state by state. You can trust our experts to handle your surety bond in Florida without using California surety bond guidelines. Contact us to learn about your state’s mandates.

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We know you are looking for a surety bond company that delivers fast and accurate service. The application process is quick and simple via a pdf file online or speaking with a member of our staff over the phone at 800-274-2663. When you need a surety bond quickly, you can depend on JURISCO.

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