What is a Counter Replevin Bond?

In civil court cases, a counter replevin bond is required as a guarantee that the defendant will surrender the property, or its equivalent value, to the plaintiff should the court rule in the plaintiff’s favor.

Bond Premiums and Bond Amounts:

* Defendants bonds require full collateral in the amount of the bond. We only accept Cashier’s Check or Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Exceptions can be made for large publicly-traded corporations or Insurance companies. Please contact us for the required ILOC form.

Premium amount is 1% with collateral or 2% without collateral. Minimum of $250.

Bond amount will be set by State Statute.

Download Application: Counter Replevin Bond

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When are Counter Replevin Bonds necessary?

Counter replevin bonds are required in cases where one party is suing another for possession of property. This type of defendants bond must cover up to 1.5 times the value of the property the plaintiff is seeking. Without this bond, the defendant would have to release the property to the plaintiff.

Who does a counter replevin bond protect?

The counter replevin bond protects the plaintiff while the court determines judgment in the case. It also serves the benefit of the defendant as it allows them to retain possession. The defendant is responsible by the court to cover all costs and damages.


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Replevin Bond

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