What is an Supersedeas / Appeal Bond?

After the court renders a money judgment in a case, the defendant has the ability to appeal the ruling to a higher court. Also known as an Appeal Bond, Supersedeas Bonds are required by the courts before the filing of an appeal. The bond guarantees that if the appealing party loses the appeal that they will satisfy the judgment. The bond amount varies by state but usually includes a provision for interest and court costs.

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Bond Premiums and Bond Amounts:

Defendants bonds require full collateral in the amount of the bond. We only accept Cashier’s Check or Irrevocable Letter of Credit. Exceptions can be made for large publicly traded corporations or Insurance companies.

Premium amount is 1% with collateral or 2% without collateral. Minimum of $250.

Bond amount will be set by state statute.

Florida requires two years of statutory interest to be added to the bond amount.

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What is an Appeal Bond?

To show the defendant will not default or waste time with trivial appeals, a defendant must cover the costs of payment while the court reviews the judgment against him/her. Terms of the bond may vary and bond guarantees full payment should the appeal fail.

Does every state require Supersedeas Bonds?

Every state requires a Supersedeas Bond for the appeal of a money judgment except New Jersey and Delaware. Even with states that require this action, an Appeal Bond can be waived. There are instances where the two parties can work out a measure that prevents the necessity of Supersedeas Bonds.


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