[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In order to receive a license in certain states, Yacht Brokers and Salespersons are required to have surety bonds that handle compensation to the purchaser for any damages or material misstatements.

Bond Premiums and Bond Amounts:

Premium amount is listed on the Rates page. Minimum of $100.

Bond amount will be set by the state agency.

List of states



Do you need a Yacht Broker Bond to be licensed?

In many states, Yacht Brokers and Salespersons are required to have a Yacht Broker Bond before an agency approves his or her license. States mandate surety bonding to ensure compensation for the purchaser should the broker, or salesperson, make material misstatements or misuse funds in relation to the sale of a vessel.

Why doesn’t every state require Yacht Brokers to be bonded?

Not every state mandates Yacht Broker Bonds in order to receive a license. This doesn’t make surety bonds less important however. For example, Florida and California have different state regulations than New Jersey and Washington. While some states require a Yacht Broker Bond others leave it up to the agency or individual. To learn more about your state’s requirements contact Jurisco.


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