When Eviction Calls For A Distress Bond

evictionLandlords who feel the only solution left is to evict a commercial renter must take the appropriate steps to protect themselves and the tenant before following through with the eviction. In most situations a court will require the plaintiff to secure a distress bond. By submitting this bond to the court the landlord is showing that they are not making the move in ill faith and that the tenant’s rights are still protected.

A distress bond is a type of surety bond required of commercial landlords who are seeking to remove a tenant. Whether it is due to non-payment or failing to comply with lease requirements the landlord has to prove that the eviction is being done legally. Courts require this bond to protect the defendant should the eviction be determined to be unjust.

With the economy continue to try and find stable ground more landlords are having to navigate the eviction waters. Removing someone from their place of business is not an easy process. Not only are landlords likely to deal with irate tenants in this scenario, they also have to deal with city ordinances and due process, as well. Having someone help steer the ship will make the process go smoothly.

By letting Jurisco assist you with the distress bond we can make sure everything is as it should be so there are no hiccups in the eviction proceeding. With the presence of a surety bond, landlords are able to show the court that they took every step possible to protect the tenant from any unwarranted situation.

Any landlord of commercial property knows there is a lot of red tape when it comes to renting and leasing. They also know that eviction is sometimes necessary. Without removing the tenant they are opening themselves up to serious financial burdens. When the time comes to evict be sure to have the distress bond in place to prove to the court that every step was taken to ensure the tenant had ample notice and opportunity to rectify the situation.

Any questions about distress bonds or any other surety bond can be handled by our expert team of bond writers at Jurisco. Let us help take the headache out of the eviction process.

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