When To Use A Lien Bond In Texas

Dealing with a lien can be a headache. Dealing with a lien bond in Texas can be expensive. Dealing with a reputable surety bond company that quickly handles a Texas lien bond cures both of those problems.

What is a lien?

A lien can be placed on property if a defendant is alleged to owe the plaintiff money. Courts in every state allow a lien as a way to secure the amount in question until the matter is resolved.

Liens may be used for businesses as well as private property. A common use of a mechanic’s lien is when a contractor, or the employee of the contractor, claims to have not received payment.  Until the lien is properly removed, there are legal bindings on the property, such as sale restrictions.

How to remove a lien using a surety bond

A lien is not good for business or your personal life. States allow a defendant in a case to remove a lien by using a surety bond. A Texas lien bond is an example of a type of bond that would solve this problem.

What happens is that the surety bond essentially covers the lien. It removes the lien from the property or the business and puts it on the surety bond instead. This is by far the most effective way in dealing with liens. It can even save lots of money in the long run. Especially if you know how to keep the surety bond cost low. 

How much does a Texas lien bond cost?

The cost of a Texas lien bond is determined by a variety of factors. First, there is the value of the lien to be considered. The surety bond will, at a minimum, cover the full value of the lien. A state or court may add additional costs such as interest and court fees. A defendant's financial stability will also impact the overall surety bond rate. For example, a defendant with a higher credit score could see a lower cost and vice versa. 

Surety Bond Company to Handle Lien Bond in Texas

One of the best ways to save money on a surety bond is working with a nationwide surety bond provider like Jurisco. Jurisco has served all 50 states since 1987 and has experts for every state. This means that clients benefit from a nationwide provider with local expertise. 

Jurisco works to deliver the lowest surety bond rate possible for any type of Texas lien bond.

The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco know how important it is to deliver a low surety bond rate and a quick surety bond process. Time is of the essence and every day a lien is on a property is a day that things can get worse. 

Help make things better and use a Texas lien bond. Jurisco is here to help.

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