Why Defendants Use A New York Stay Bond

A New York stay bond is different from a standard appeal bond in that it effectively pauses the requirement to satisfy the judgement. This means a defendant does not have to pay cash or otherwise satisfy a judgement against them while the appeal process plays out. The lawyer-trained staff at Jurisco help clients throughout New York state understand their surety bond options and how they can be best deployed.

Staying A Judgement

Staying a judgement in a court case is different than merely appealing the court’s decision. An appeal can move forward without the judgement being stayed. That leads to the defendant handling the cost of the judgement and cost of the appeal all at the same time. Multimillion dollar companies may be able to afford this, but smaller companies or individuals are often unable to operate under these constraints. Just one of the many reasons staying a judgment is an option on the legal table.

Courts Rely on Surety Bonds

For a stay of judgement to work there needs to be an insurance policy to protect the plaintiff. While the courts want the defendant to have their full legal rights, they also don’t want to infringe on the plaintiff’s right to justice. Afterall the decision was made in their favor.

The New York stay bond fully covers the cost of the judgement to prove to the court that this is not a distraction technique designed to delay compliance with the ruling. Without a New York stay bond the court typically rejects the motion to stay the ruling.

Courts relay on surety bonds such as the New York stay bond because they have a strong legal fabric that sets clear expectations and values for the legal action.

Low New York Surety Bond Rates

In addition to have the judgement stayed, a New York stay bond is also very cost effective for defendants. The cost of a New York stay bond are minimal when working with surety bond professionals like Jurisco. The New York surety bond experts at Jurisco have a nationwide financial backing that allows clients to receive the lowest surety bond rate in the state.

Jurisco is excited to offer the lowest surety bond rates possible for clients in Albany, New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, and every small and large city in between. It’s how the lawyer-trained staff make sure clients always receive the best bond for their case. A New York stay bond never misses the mark when Jurisco is on the case.

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