Why Plaintiffs Use A Newark Replevin Bond

News of a Newark replevin bond may not stop the presses but it could stop a spiral of bad activity. A Newark, New Jersey replevin bond is used by plaintiffs who are seeking to levy property before a judgement is made. Without this bond, the plaintiff is exposed to more legal fees and fines should the action later be deemed wrongful.

What Is A Replevin Bond?

A replevin bond is used by New Jersey courts to protect the defendant from being harmed by the plaintiff’s request to levy property. This type of Newark surety bond is also known as a sequestration bond or claim and delivery bond. No matter the name, the surety bond is serious, as are their requirements.

The court relies on the replevin bond because levying property before a judgement is made can have disastrous effects. What is the court agrees and then it’s later revealed that the plaintiff forged documents? It may be an extreme case but that’s exactly the kind of scandal the courts are trying to avoid.


A defendant can use a counter replevin bond to try and reverse the court’s decision to approve the plaintiff’s action.

Other Common Court Bonds

A Newark replevin bond isn’t the only type of surety bond used by the court. In fact, both the plaintiff and defendant regularly use Newark surety bonds such as appeal bonds, garnishment bonds, lien bonds, attachment bonds, and distress bonds.

One of the reasons the courts rely on surety bonds is because of their long judicial practices. Newark surety bonds help keep plaintiffs and defendants covered and in full compliance with the law.

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