Writ of Possession Florida Bond Guidelines

A writ of possession Florida surety bond is one of the most common types of bonds used in the state. Landlords and tenants both understand the necessity for this surety bond. Finding the other party in noncompliance of this bond can be a big advantage in an eviction case.

As a landlord, it is imperative that the correct writ of possession Florida bond is secured. With this surety bond, the court can order the writ of attachment or seizure of the asset.

The Tampa Courthouse routinely  handles writ of possession bonds.

The Tampa Courthouse routinely handles writ of possession bonds.

Basic Overview of Writ of Possession Bond

Plaintiffs use a writ of possession Florida bond to cover the action of property seizure. Courts require this surety bond as a guarantee to satisfy the judgment. In the event the court rules in favor of the defendant, this surety bond fully covers the judgment amount.

This surety bond is the best way to protect against an unnecessary expense and further legal hassle when regaining control of the property in Florida. Cities including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville all use this bond.

Writ of Possession and Evictions

During the eviction process, the writ of possession allows the landlord to remove tenants. The writ of attachment is issued by a Florida court, then carried out by a local branch of law enforcement. Usually, this falls to the sheriff’s department.

The property is evicted after a 24-hour notice is given.

This not only happens for tenants renting apartments but other property, as well, including storage units.

Setting the Florida Surety Bond Amount

A writ of possession Florida bond generally is worth twice the judgment amount. This padded protection is for many reasons.

Landlords may request the presence of law enforcement while removing tenants and/or items from the property. The cost of this action may be passed along to the tenant. Florida courts consider additional costs such as this when determining the bond amount.

At the bare minimum, a writ of possession Florida bond must cover the financial action of seizing property.

Getting the Right Surety Bond Advice

The Florida Bar Association writ of possession letter is a good legal guideline. As is the Florida writ of possession statute. Working with a reputable surety bond company makes sure those guidelines and statutes are met.

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